In the modeling industry, we usually call it “model development”, which is a process that enables new faces or models with potential to reach a highly curated and very personal look that allows them to build a strong portfolio and work at the highest levels in the industry. There’s a reason why some models (even with enormous potential) never truly make it and keep struggling for decades modeling part-time or periodically, and why others are able to work for the most exclusive high-paying clients.


If you’re a singer, musician or dancer trying to build a solid career, making an unforgettable first impression will always be key. When you’re an artist, it’s never about being the most beautiful, it’s about portraying your unique essence effectively. Your visual identity as an artist will make your fans feel part of what your brand represents and will allow them to live a unique experience. If your voice, your music, or your dancing are exceptional, putting yourself out there in a way that your quality as an artist is truly represented, is vital and can change the course of your whole career. I will help you create a visual identity that feels effortless to you, that is perceived as authentic by your audience, and that makes everyone want to press that play button and discover your unique talent.


As a brand, you need a visual identity that represents the ideas and values you want to portray. You want your clients to trust you, and ultimately, purchase the amazing products or services you offer. For that, you need to create an experience through the senses. From textures, colors, environment and storytelling, everything is important. Having a solid brand identity will allow you to access your ideal customers and build long-term fidelity.